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Hydraulic Pumps – The Heart of a Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Pumps

In humans, the heart occupies a role of great importance. Its main function is to circulate blood throughout the body through arteries and veins, which is essential to the proper functioning of all body parts. In a hydraulic system, the pump plays an equally important role, which is similar to that played by the heart in humans. The pump used to circulate, through pipes, a hydraulic fluid that move charges through cylinders or hydraulic motors. In view of the hydraulic components, the hydraulic pumps are designed to convert the mechanical energy supplied by the heat engine into hydraulic energy. The pump is the basic of a hydraulic circuit. In mobile machinery, agricultural, public works, handling…

Many manufacturers provides two technologies:

Hydraulic gear pump

The gear pump is the most prevalent in mobile machines as it is the most economical. It generally has two gears animated by an external axis. The volume between the gears is compressed and discharged according to the internal geometry of the pump. This volume discharged per revolution (360 °) is called the capacity of the pump, generally between 1 and 250 cm3. The flow rate is equal to the engine multiplied by the speed of rotation of the drive shaft. The hydraulic pressure depends on the hydraulic receiver: cylinders or motors; the maximum pressure depends on the game and the seal between the gears, generally 210 bar. The gear pump is lubricated with a small amount of oil taken low side. In recent years, pump manufacturers have made very significant progress on reliability, noise and pressure, thanks to helical gears, profiles more accurate teeth, better quality steels and machined more precisely. The wear of a gear pump mark is the progressive drop in pressure due to wear of the gears ends. A drop in activity of the pump, by pressure or by volume causes usually a default filter of the hydraulic circuit

Hydraulic piston pump

More complex and costly than the first design, the piston pump provides higher pressure, 350 bar on big machines and several thousand bars in the industry; mainly used in large public works equipment, are use is spreading in agricultural machinery. Pistons slide in a sealed chamber and pushes the admin fluid by a valve and a valve; both technologies are prevalent:

1-Axial piston pump, piston parallel to the transmission axis,

2-Biases axes or radial piston pump, piston driven by a cam shaft.

Unlike the gear pump, it allows a variable displacement, a higher pressure and a more easy renovation. SOCOMHY Look for a complete renovation, change segments, axes, shirts, pistons. Even more than the first, it is sensitive to contamination of the hydraulic circuit.

Application of hydraulic pumps

Very wide range of hydraulic pump to a pressure of 180 to 350 bar:

*Replacement of the hydraulic pump of the tractor Original interchangeable on all tractor,

*Hand hydraulic pump,

*On the PTO of the tractor, or on a gimbal, choose a standard agricultural pump that mounts with a multiplier,

*On a trailer, to ensure an independent hydraulic supply 60 to 80 liters / minute of the trailer from a gimbal: compressor trailer

*On a truck or fixed installation, to create a hydraulic power from the electric current 12,24,220 or 380V: hydraulic power.

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