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Top 10 Tips for Hydraulic Pump Maintainenance

The hydraulic pump are a major part of many industrial machinery. They are of supreme importance in almost every mechanical application and cannot be neglected. Hydraulic pumps are used worldwide because they have made impossible tasks possible. But everything comes with a price. The price of this mechanical marvel is proper maintenance and regular check-ups.

Machines aren’t unlike the human body when it comes to care and maintenance. The human body cannot function well if it is not taken care of properly. If a machine is not checked at required regular intervals, then not only will it give poor performance but it also becomes non-functional after a while.

Hydraulic pumps power the moving parts of most large machines. Drive systems employ hydraulic pumps as a source converting mechanical power into hydraulic power. Hydraulic pumps come in various shapes and sizes. All of them, despite their complexity, require proper maintenance.

Here are 10 top tips that can help in maintaining your hydraulic pumps:

  1. Maintain cleanliness:

Keeping the hydraulic pumps clean is the first and the fundamental step in maintaining them in proper shape and performance. Follow a regular schedule to clean the pumps.

  1. Check the hydraulic fluid:

Hydraulic fluid is the lifeline for a hydraulic system. Check at proper intervals and replace when needed. Also keep in consideration the grade of hydraulic fluid. Compatibility of the hydraulic fluid increases the performance of the hydraulic pump.

  1. Control Temperatures:

Temperature of the hydraulic pump is crucial and needs important consideration. Fluid passing through the hydraulic pump generates heat. Constantly maintain temperature at the optimum operating level as specified by the manufacturer.

  1. Check Vacuum:

The vacuum on the suction side of the hydraulic pump is responsible for the fluid intake. Maintain proper suction vacuum or the efficiency of the pump will be affected, leading to heat build-up, cavitation or worse.

  1. Check the voltage supply:

Monitor the voltage supply to the hydraulic pump’s motor regularly. A constant and optimum voltage supply leads to the better performance of the machine. Check the other electrical components like wires, switches, etc. at intervals for wear.

  1. Maintain pressures:

The pressures are equally important in hydraulic pumps as the temperatures. Always maintain proper pressure in the hydraulic pumps throughout its operation.

  1. Assembly inspection:

Regularly inspect of all the connections, pipes, hoses etc. visually at regular intervals. Any fault in the assembly can lead to a serious issue. Assembly inspection helps in increasing the efficiency of the overall pump.

  1. Check for Leakages:

Any leakage can be disastrous to the operation of a hydraulic pump. It can also render nearby machinery susceptible to danger.

  1. Check for aeration:

Aeration of the fluid in hydraulic pumps can also affect the working of pumps. Eliminate aeration as early as possible.

  1. Use clean hydraulic fluids:

Always use clean hydraulic fluids to prolong hydraulic pump life.

Hydraulic pumps need special attention since they perform under critical conditions of pressures and temperatures. Proper care is the best ingredient for the maintenance of a hydraulic pump. Make sure to use the right tools for their maintenance. All this, ultimately, contributes towards a better life and better performance of the machinery.

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